Saturday, April 07, 2007

Google Papers

This is about the latest news from and about google but a little late also. If you know about this you know what to do. Google after establishing its supremacy in the email world with gmail has turned its attention towards postal mails. Google has started a new service called google papers. Google will send hard copies of the mails you want and will let you keep the paper copy of the mails apart from the electronic mail stored in its server. That means you can get hard copy of the emails your girl friend sent you and read it again and again whenever you want. Check out this page to know more about the Google Paper.

If you feel elated and impressed with this, i request you to take a look into the comments. This post is incomplete without the comments.

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senthilkumaran said...

Feel so impressed with google paper. Save your feelings, call yourself Rip Wan Winkle and check out this link for more info

Actually it is an April fool joke created by google. For one
more of this kind checkout Hoping that it would take sometime even if google wants to make this a reality, it is safe to give this advice "Don't expect google to do everything for you." Looks like google has taken April 1 pretty seriously :)