Thursday, November 02, 2006

Varalaaru | Godfather: A comeback for Ajith

Varalaaru the latest box office hit in Tamilnadu may turn out to be a great comeback for Ajith. The movie is fast paced and does not disappoint anyone. I saw the film after AI exam where there was not much scope to display my own intelligence. We reached the theatre by around 2:30pm in the middle of the introduction song and were forced to sit on the fifth row. Looked to me like the theatre guys wanted to spread equality as there was not any distinction between the different tickets.

The movie sticks on firmly to the story and there was rarely a deviation from the main story line. There is not much heroism and not many unnecessary punch dialogues.  Ajith seems to have done a lot of hard work and his acting is the most impressive feature of the movie. Ajith easily scores as the father and the psychic son. Asin looks pretty, comes then and there when we are about to forget that she is the heroine, dances in songs and leaves. Kanika(Enga school ponnu) has a bit more scope compared to Asin and has used the opportunity well. Other than that it is Ajith who rules. Looks like Ajith has regained his lost glory. No need to mention ARR as the songs were a hit even before one year. Three hours flies by, thanks to the fast  paced and crisp narration by KSR.

Coming to the negatives, logics give way to actions in a number of situations. The story reminds you about some old films like theivamagan. The climax looks like something that u see in many of the tamil films. Apart from these the movie is great and is a huge entertainer. Would have enjoyed it to a greater extent if it was not for the fifth row seat.


vanniaperumal said...

u r comments about thala's varalaru was really good...still i cant belive that u r the person saying that movie is good...because i have never seen u saying a movie is too good..anyway as i expected thala is back to his olden days...his next release alwar is on pongal... hope he does a good job in that too with out any heroism and punch dialogues....

karthik said...

the comments given to ultimate star ajith are praisefull... so we wish all the success to his next big venture ALWAR.. the biggest hit of 2007 will be releasing on pongal festival....... enjoy the THALA pongal..... KING OF CINEMA AJITH valge.....

Rajesh said...

Ajith's Varalaru is a good movie and I like it very much. It is suitable for viewers. And Ajith looks smart in this movie.

arun said...

ajith back on fire, varalaru is a great movie, thanks thala ajith, we believe u thala, arr and ravikumar once again they showed thier talents totally hats off to god father team

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