Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Without system and Net

System crashed a week back bringing down all the plans i had for the semester holidays. Holidays turned out to be a boredom without the system and internet. Had many plans for the holidays but all were in a mess as my system crashed correctly at the first day of my sem hols. Was not able to check mails, chat, orkut or blog for a week. The problem is the entire processing stops after some time. When booted in windows it restarts just after loading the desktop. With linux it boots without problems and gdm runs without problems. But all stops after some time and no further processing occurs. So i configured linux and stopped almost all processes and gdm and now i can work in the shell for around 30 minutes. Spent the holidays reading the stories which i converted from lit to html a few weeks back. Thought it was due to the processor getting heated so i removed the processor, cleaned the processor fan and put it back but the same problem contnues. Still the problem continues and i am not sure what the problem may be. If someone can infer something abt the problem from my description post your ideas about what might be the problem. It may be useful.


Vijayakumar P said...

My suggestions to solve yr PC problem.

1. Check or change the powersupply(SMPS)to PC
(In most cases changing this power supply will solve this problem)
2. Check the memory utilisation - may be a virus which may consume more memory and make the system to hault

senthilkumaran said...

I too doubt the smps. Some suggested the same. I too heard some weird noises from the smps thing. Could not fix it up. Should call the system mechanics i think.

senthilkumaran said...

The problem was with some capacitors in the mother board. Now it is all over and i got my system back. Quite relieved to get the system back..