Friday, October 27, 2006

Top ten observations about megaserials

Out of blogging for a long time due to some DNS problems with my ISP. Anyway i am back and here is my post after a long time. This is just some of the observations made by me about mega serials and it is also the opinion of most of the youths here. I never watch megaserials and i usually get a glimpse of them while having dinner . Most of the observations are made when i am in extreme moods which occurs after i see the serial. So i don't claim them to be true or false.

1) Most of them are about a woman who has nothing in her life except problems. Problems of all sort come from all directions, from her friends, foes, relatives, passer by, dog, cat, ant, shit, bullshit ...

2) The role of heroine is mostly played by a retired movie actress and a whole bunch of others whom u can find in almost every serial from morning 10 to night 10.

3) Though there exist problem in every move, the heroine remains undeterred by those. She seems to have almost all good qualities that one could think of.

4) The number of people who dance for the title song exceeds the total number of characters in the serial.

5) The director seems to concentrate only on one thing, that is creating problems.

6) No problem has a solution. The problems exist till the very end and are usually solved at the final episode when the life long enemy suddenly becomes a dear friend . The older problems are pushed down the stack when new problems arise and are later popped out when the director runs out of ideas.

7) If director could not find any problems with existing characters new characters are introduced and new problems are created.

8 ) There is only one background music, the dull music that assists the sad atmosphere and puts the viewers in deep deep distress. 90% of the episodes have someone crying for something.

9) 10 minutes ads follow two to three lines of dialogue.

10) 90% of the guys are like me who have no other option other than something like this.


M Venkatapathy said...

Seems you have spent a lot of time in watching the serials... Anyways, a great work.. :)

Senthilkumaran said...

Not like that da. i dont see serials da but since i am served dinner only during that time so i have no other go :(