Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The final chapter of my College life

The seventh semester classes ended last week with just exams remaining. That would take another one slow month. I backtracked a little and thought what i learnt during the whole seventh semester. A great accomplishment indeed, i have successfully completed one semester without learning anything new :) It is easy to describe what i did during the whole semester.

for (; ; )
sleep (21600000);
chat_with_friends ();
sleep (36000000);

Just one more semester to finish of my college life and enter into the corporate world. Hope the semester goes fine like the seventh semester but with a little learning and little concentration on my project. I never repented for wasting time in the seventh semester. Like how Tom says to Jerry "i know what i am doing may be bad.. still i am enjoying it". I would not be getting the college atmosphere anywhere. I think it is high time that i have some fun, movies, cricket... Hope the final chapter of my college life goes good.

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