Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip to Shivasamudra, Bandipur and Mysore

Atlast found some time to blog about few notable things that happened few weeks back.  Should be the second trip where we ventured out of bangalore with a reasonably good crowd we decided to spend the weekend with a short trip to Shivasamudra, Bandhipur and Mysore. Started at 6, and after a swift journey through the smooth Mysore highway, reached Gangana Chukki at around 10. Not much water so the view was not so pleasing there. Next it was time to drench our bodies in the cool waters of Cauvery at Bharachukki. This was the second visit to Bharachukki, this time there was very little water and we used the opportunity to take a nice bath in the cool waters. After the bath and after a little struggle through the rough roads without brakes for the back wheels, managed to reached Bandipur Sanctuary near Tamilnadu border. The forest looked treacherous and trepidation was increasing as the Van moved deeper and deeper  into the forest. But once the safari started in the morning one thing was obvious, only animal that we could sight is spotted deer. During the return journey we stopped at Mysore to explore the architectural beauty of the Mysore palace and at Tipu's museum to revise a bit of history. Few names in history like Haidar Ali and Mysore War lingered for a while during the short visit.

Check out these links for few shots from seniors.

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