Saturday, November 03, 2007

The forgotten subject

Was looking at a crossword in the newspaper, aiming to find atleast few answers. Bind brightened on seeing something that is relavant and what i have studied for around 6 years. The enthusiasm died in a minute once i started to think about the answer. The question was imple, "What is the unit of magnetic flux" I spent the next 30 minutes trying to the sqeeze the answer out of mind. It has gone completely out of the mind. The newspaper reported the answer as Gauss. Looks like the SI unit of magnetic flux is weber, probably gauss is in CGS. Was discussing about this with my friend while walking to the office, he asked a few more questions like difference between AC motor and DC motor. Was not able to answer anything  except for a smile. Asked the same question to few other colleagues here. I am not the only one in this state. Physics has gone completely out of the mind. The same goes for other subjects like chemistry, biology.  History is already a history.

In school i used to admire Physics for the reason it deals with what happens around us. At times i feel i should revive the physics knowledge. I know that would not happen, my laziness would make sure  that i don't do things like that :)

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