Sunday, November 18, 2007

FM to kill time

During the first week in bangalore, i found around 50% of the people with head phones plugged in their ears and eyes closed. It looked odd, this is not the scene i usually see in my home town. I never tried to tune into the FM frequencies here assuming that most of them would be in Kannada, the language which i am still finding difficult to master. After hearing that there are some hindi FM channels also, decided to give it a try. Looks like there are seven FM channels here in bangalore and most of them play songs 24x7. Some notable channels i usually prefer listening to are Fever 104, SRM, Radio mirchi and Radio city. It was through these channels i keep in touch with the latest hindi songs and try to find some good songs in kannada. My favourite is Fever 104. They play hindi and english songs 24x7. Listening to Fever 104 has become a daily activity. Without computer and Television at home, FM is the only option i am left with and it seems to be a good option to kill some time when left alone without any work.

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sriram said...

dei.. paathuda hindi therinju bollywood pakkam poida pora..