Friday, May 18, 2007

Post from pune

When half of my classmates are attending TCS training, i am chilling out myself in my sister's home in pune. It was a tough decision to take, but finally decided to bite the bullet. Anyway now i am here in pune enjoying my final holidays of student life. I was almost like a half roasted chicken after the two day journey in train. Pune felt like heaven when i finally got out of the train. The climate in pune is a lot cooler and it is a different summer i am experiencing here. Sun sets here only at 7:30pm. The markets are active only during the evening and there are very few shops in the morning. There are very few traffic signals and i rarely see traffic police even in the busiest roads. It is difficult to manage here without knowing Hindi. The hindi that i studied for three years in TVSLMHSS is helping a little and i am learning a lot of hindi. Still to visit a lot of  places, expecting this weekend to be busy.

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