Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dtracing to kill time

After a nice weekend with much shopping and roaming around main places of pune, i was virtually locked in my sister's home on monday without much to do. If not for the computer i would have found it difficult to kill time. Tested the opensolaris starter's kit and tried a bit of Dtrace. Though i dont know how to write even a single line of Dtrace script, the Dtrace toolkit in Belenix provided me a option. No wonder why there is a lot of rustle about Dtrace. Dtrace is awesome. Found the following script to be interesting. The script finds the total number of system calls made by each process.

dtrace -n 'syscall:::entry { @num[execname] = count(); }'

Found that init was making 61 system calls, fam made 4251, dtrace 7948 and xfce-panel process made 27163 system calls in a span of pproximately five minutes. Thought of installing opensolaris express but since the installer required around 704MB RAM, silently  removed the CD and sealed it for future use. Finally my mind drifted to gaming and started playing super tux in Belenix. Sometime later found Harrypotter and Warcraft games in windoze and from then haven't touched those Solaris DVDs at all. Dtrace is like a drug, it takes you to a different world and it is difficult to stay away from it for a long time.  Dont know when i will be Dtracing again but will surely do.


Praveen said...

somba payale, cant you enjoy life by going around. why marooning urself with studies even now?

senthilkumaran said...

hey not like that da.. during weekends or when my sis is in home i dont go near computers. When they are in office i have no other option. Cant go out without knowing hindi. so just thought of testing that opensolaris DVDs.

Bala said...

en hathe hi.. jathe hi.. intha rendu hindi vartha vachukittu unnale oor sutha mudiyatha??

senthilkumaran said...

The problem here is that the reply is often a fast spoken paragraph in hindi which guys like us cannot understand. moreover there is a lot of difference between hindi we learn and what they speak.. visited a lot of malls, temple and a place in between pune and bombay called lonovala along with sister family..