Saturday, February 11, 2012

Invisible Boundaries!!!

Caution: Feel free to stop reading after this line, nothing of great importance below.

Walked slowly through the cold bangalore streets in half sleep. We entered our house after a full ten day vacation at hometown. It didn't take time to realize that somebody has been spending their vacation in our house when we were not there. The plastic covers were out of the fridge and floating across the kitchen. Not that we keep it cleanly stacked, but dont leave it in the path. And there it was. Shit!!! That is the last thing we wanted in our house, which gets cleaned only when one of us feel probability of survival has gone really low. A bit of exaggeration, if you had missed it. Anyway, news was that the little pigeon felt it can use our house as its home when we were away, entered through the gaps in the exhaust fan and had freely roamed around freely, pooping wherever it felt.

Decided to put an end and covered the gaps in exhaust fan with plastic covers. Relief i thought. Next day i was woken by the cooings of a Pigeon. Continued for further few days. Looks like we had actually done it a favour by closing it and providing a good place to build its nest. Oops bad idea!!! The kitchen was getting more nasty.

Last Sunday, i was hyper active, decided to clean the house, heard the cooing sound, removed the plastic covers, cleaned the nest under construction and switched on the exhaust fan. All was fine, till the bird returned, sat in the opposite  wall and started searchingThe pigeon looking at its distrubed nest in the exhaust fan for the nest!!! That did make me feel like a real bad guy :( :( Felt pity for the pigeon, felt angry on myself for disturbing a home. The pigeon looked helpless & confused.  It has not done anything wrong, only that it crossed an invisible boundary. I was remorseful.

What to do ?What else, take a photo of it and decide never to let it come near our home to save all the troubles.

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