Saturday, February 05, 2011

Weekend Hosur trip

I joined the elite club of idiotic bachelors in bangalore, who get terribly bored on weekends and decide to go to Hosur to watch a movie, when it is running in nearby theatre in bangalore. The first trip was on Dec 11, 2010, a saturday, with Jeyahari, Arang and Nagarajan. Could not make it for the movie, but watched Circus, first time in my life time. Few things were interesting but the artists were terribly sad, for some reason. The final Bar was breathtaking.

The next trip happened recently on republic day, Jan 26, 2011. Once again holiday in the middle of the week. So once we embarked on our journey in Unicorn and Activa. Day ended beautifully with Aadukalam in the morning and Sirthai in the afternoon. Aadukalam was good, Siruthai was a mass masala. Thanks to the director's attention, the logic was cleanly wiped from start to end. Anyway, movies were enjoyable and it does sound illogical to search for logic in movies when it is purely for entertainment. Both the movies had something in common, a beautiful & fair looking gal falling in love with heroes, who are at the lowest level in the society. Planned for lunch at Janani Garden, but as usual, family crowd led by the homely TN women chased us away. Can understand Bachelors's crowd in hotels, but off late we do get a very stiff competition from family crowd in large numbers on weekends and holidays. Evening, we spent time in the Chandra Soodeshwarar temple, that was on a very small hillock near the bus stand, with the full view of Hosur in sight.

In both the trips, the desire to eat Bhajji with Coconut chutney in the evening, made us roam around Hosur streets. On the second trip, we managed to find one, but still without chutney. Freshly prepared super diluted Tea in glass tumbler, was refreshing and i do miss them in Bangalore. Though a pure waste of time, energy, money, i do like these one day trips to TN, with TN breakfast, lunch, snacks.

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