Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What happened ????

Thats the question i had been asking myself nowadays. Nowadays, i am running out of time. I have not updated the blog for around a month. What am i doing ? I am not working 24x7. With the experience i gained in three years, i have mastered the art of sleeping over the problem. Managers seem to be satisfied, if i quote the problem to be with some variable in a unknown struct. I am not running behind any gal too. Stopped it even before starting since i know it will be an exhaustive run without a result. I have quit the habit of reading books sometime ago. I am not reading any English or Tamil books. Technical books are my sleeping dozes. If you are wondering, why the blog is not updated, believe even i don't know the reason. Could be bcoz of twitter, where i vent out my feelings now and then. Or could be because of facebook, where it shows a cute gal photo in News feed, which my friend of friend of friend of friend liked. Thanks to the "cute" gals who haven't set who are yet to discover the privacy settings of facebook. With a bit of satisfaction for finding few reasons for not updating my blog, let me quickly recap what i had been doing for the past one month.

* Attended PyCon 2010, met few of my Junior friends. Liked a few talks, slpet in a lot of talks. Most of the talks were not very interesting.

* Completed two exams in my MS course. Have two more exams to be completed to put an end to the theory papers.

* Attended my friend's Vanniaperumal marriage at Sattur. Drove from Madurai to Sattur and went beyond 100 KMPH and reached 120 for the first time. Enjoyed the marriage functions and met a few guys there.

* As usual watching a lot of movies, and for sure this year will be the year during which i have seen the maximum number of movies.

I could have summed it up as "Nothing significant" which would have obviated the need for this post :-) :-) :-)

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