Sunday, December 13, 2009

2 States

I presume that everyone is aware that 2 states is the name of Chetan Bhagat's latest book. I got an opportunity to read this book last week. I had read, Five point someone, and felt that the book was a little ok. But when i started reading his other books, i felt irritated. Somehow i felt them to be a repetition. 3 guys, a hero among them, a gal, screwed up family, they get into trouble and finally escape blah blah blah. I felt i had nothing to take from his books. So i had stopped in the middle of his other books.

But there was lot of hype about 2 states and moreover it involved TamilNadu. It kindled a little of my curiosity to know what Chetan had to say about TN and Tamil people. But the story was impressive. The book was a bit fast paced and had something not to let my interest die. Both Punjab and Tamilnadu had suffered some serious humiliation at his hands. But it was enjoyable, has humourously brought out the defects or funny sides of both the cultures, starting from the dressing sense, education, food, society etc etc.  Also at few places, some philosophies here and there.

Though on the whole, it was a mass masala like a hind film with just songs missing, i liked it. Worth reading once....

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kanagu said...

yet to read this book... but I am getting some reviews for this... so will pick up soon.. :)