Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Auto experience

This happened when i started for the Munnar trip from Bangalore. Usually i patronize the BMTC buses when compared to the autos. The main reason is because of the already bad experiences with the auto drivers. Anyway coming back to the story the KSRTC bus to cochin starts from KSRTC satelite bus stand at Mysore road. I decided to go to Majestic bus stand and then get a bus from there. Since it was late, i was forced and unwillingly started the hunt for auto. I was searching for the Prepaid auto counter. I was lucky to find the counter soon but unlucky since it was closed. This is where the drama started.

There were around 5 to 6 auto drivers there and here are the dialogue in my words that should give you a picture of what happened there.

Auto driver 1: Come sir, where do you want to go ?
Me: Looked at the auto drivers suspciously, i usually avoid group of auto drivers, since it is a lot more difficult to handle them when compared to a single guy.
Auto driver 2: What is your mother tongue sir ?
Me: Tamil
Auto driver 2: Where do you want to go from there(in Tamil)
Me: To ernakulam
Auto driver 2: Ok ok. Buses to ernakulam will start from there only. Might have felt that they are very very supportive.
Me: ok
Auto driver 2 to Auto driver 3: Looked like Auto driver 2 was the head and he ordered auto driver 3 to take me to the destination.
Auto driver 4: Give him 150 Rs only. (Suddenly this guy popped up from nowhere)
Auto driver 3 (One who is supposed to take me): No sir, he is just kidding, you need to give me Rs 150.

(I was pleased for a moment)

Auto driver 3: You can pay me just Rs 120, that should be ok. I will drop you there. He told this with such an innocent face, that even who knew the place would believe it might take 120 Rs to reach there.

Luckily i had done some survey and i was aware of the distance and the route the auto guy has to take. The total distance was just 4.3 KM from Majestic and it would not cost more than 35. I knew what he is asking four times the original amount. I decided not to go in that auto, so started the argument.

Me: 120 for just 5 Kms or what ?
Auto driver 3: I will take you for free if it is 5 kms.
Me: It is 5Km.
Auto driver 3: Do you know about the traffic at that place.

I was not aware and need not be. So putting a full stop to the useless argument walked away letting his cries get lost in the noise. Soon i found a good guy who did not ask for anything except the meter amount.

The experience was totally different when we reached Cochin. Everytime the auto drivers demanded atleast five Rupees less than what my friend told as nominal.

This post was mainly for someone who are new to Bangalore. Best way is to use the BMTC, if not check out google map and btis.in so that you have an idea on the amount. btis.in will even give you auto fare between two places, but does not cover all routes.

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Vinay said...

In bangalore try catching a digital meter auto, it charges only 7 per km.