Thursday, February 26, 2009

SMB Saga continues

This is entirely useless to those who donot travel by Train in India. This is a continuation of my previous post Side(u)-Middle(u)-Berth(u).

When i read the news that side middle berths are going to be removed from the trains, i felt elated. The Side middle berth concept did not go well with me as it created more confusion and problems and made the trains more congested when compared to the older system. So the news meant it alleviated all the worries about the concept. But looks like Indian Railways will not drop it so soon. It has already tasted some success with this. Though newspapers carried the news that SMB will be removed, Indian railways is conducting a survey to check the response.
To attend the survey visit, If you travel by train, and would like the SMB concept to continue or removed, better respond to the survey. So that atleast the response of the majority of the people get reflected instead of some independent decisions.


saikrishbe said...

You will cherish this idea in a situation when your net connection disrupts on the day of Diwali-booking and you rush to the nearest railway station/cyber-cafe only to get a WL30-WL40.


senthilkumaran said...

@Sai: During diwali if your net connection is disrupted, you wont get WL30 or WL40, it would be REGRET in two minutes and will not allow you to book.
Anyway, the side middle berths are creating more problems that doing any good. If railways is thinking about doing something good, then it has to find someother way. Both of us have not traveled in the side berths, after it got introduced. From my observation, once you get into SMB, you cannot move left, right, or move your legs. You will have to stay in one position for the entire night. I am not sure whether i will cherish that idea in such a situtaion.

I will say a big No No for this option, anyway if you think it is ok, respond with a "Yes" on that survey ;)