Friday, January 30, 2009

Licensed to Drive

Got my four wheeler driving license at last after months of self imposed delays.It came as a birthday present as i chose that date for taking the test. Experiences in the RTO office was the same in the past, and it has not changed now, hope it changes atleast in the future. If you don't go via a broker or Agent, you will never be able to get what you want in a day. Though there are boards advising not to go via agents, it falls on the deaf ears of the employees and also the people. Though there are counters, there is absolutely no information about the steps you need to follow. Agents and the employees seem to be reaping rich.

Hope situation changes. Anyway i think i will not be stepping into RTO office for another 15 years.


Balamurugan S said...

Employees are getting richer da... But it is difficult for Agents to get richer... Previously agents were making good money, but now it is highly difficult I will explain about this offline ;)

Shyam said...

To get things done u need to go through the other way-this has become an unwritten rule....There might be a deal between people-u never know!