Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dhaam Dhoom

Definitely did not want to turn this into a cine blog with posts only about movies, but movies seem to be the only matter of interest which is worth sharing in the uneventful life :( So here goes yet another post about recently released tamil movie.

Recently watched the movie "Dhaam Dhoom" along with two of my friends in theater that was almost empty except for 60 wavering heads. I was there since it was Jeeva's last film, and his previous two films had turned me into an ardent fan of Jeeva. The film was ok,  but you may notice few lapses in logic initially, something which i would not have expected in a Jeeva film. The film is about an Indian doctor who foolishly or unfortunately gets caught in a murder case in Russia, and runs to save his life from criminals and from police. As usual our hero escapes showers of bullets with small jumps. In this film you could also see Ravi defying laws of physics, and floating in air without effort. That is ok, Tamil Cinema never respected Newton's gravity.  Songs are the best part of the movie, and Jeeva's dexterity is visible in the locations selected for the songs. Kangana is good, Lakshmi Rai is better.  A bit of suspense is maintained but it should not be difficult to guess the villain. Though it did not satisfy my expectations, it is good and can be watched once.

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Arun Ponniah Sethuramalingam said...

That is ok, Tamil Cinema never respected Newton’s gravity.

Interesting phrase to portray these eccentricities.