Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Life is beautiful

This weekend i got the opportunity to watch the two movies, one of which i was trying to see for a very long time. One was a hindi movie "Kal Ho Naa Ho" and the next movie was "Life is beautiful"(ofcourse with subtitles). Two beautiful movies which created a lot of impact. I had been trying to see "Kal Ho Naa Ho" for a very long time after i heard about that from my friends. It lived upto my expectations.

The next movie which created a huge impact was the film "Life is beautiful". It is an old movie and it takes you back to 1939, and is about the discrimination of Jews by Germans. The story is about a Jewish Father "Guido" who struggles hard to hide the cruelties of war from his son. The entire family taken as slaves by Germans and the rule is to kill the old and the children. Here starts the hero imagination where he explains to his son that they are in a interesting game and with his presence of mind manages to describe  every situation as a part of game. It is the story of how he makes  the life beautiful for his son while it is actually the reverse happening.  A movie worth watching.

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