Monday, March 19, 2007

Team India Thrashed

Sehwag is a waste.
Dravid unfit to captaincy, Sachin to quit, Sehwag to be packed and
coach to be sacked.
Sehwag needs to play against some school teams to gain confidence.
Sehwag should be transferred to Bermuda or Netherlands to avoid incurring
his return fare from WI.
Some airlines should give complimentary ticket to sehwag for returning home.
Indian team can do better in modelling than in cricket.
India will bring the cup..oh yaar! i mean Indian team members will bring
back the coffee cups.
An unnecessary luggage in Caribbean. Pack sehwag and sachin.
All the best dravid, Hope u lose the match against Bermuda and return
home soon.

Wondering what they are. They are some funny comments by the made by "supporters of Indian cricket team" for the question whether sehwag deserves a place in the team posted by a news channel. Hopes were running high before the match started. Everyone was expecting India to win the match easily without any trouble and were hopeful of India breaking some records or so. But it turned out to be a embarrassing and humiliating defeat in the hands of Bangladesh who were considered as underdogs. It was painful to see the way the team played. There was no aggression at all. Probably Ganguly felt pity for the ball and decided not to hit balls. Looked like Indian team felt that singles and twos are  the only way to get runs as there were only five boundaries during the first fifteen overs. Overall it was a worst performance. In a country where cricket is a religion and cricketers are demigods performance like this is a shame. When half of the country is in front of the  tv in the middle of the night expecting something good to happen, nothing happened for India. The men in blue have left the hopes of the billion fall into ruins once again :( ....

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