Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Second Expedition

This time we were off to alagarkovil a hill resort which derives a lot of historical significance from Kalazhagar temple and Palamudhirchozhai temple of Lord Muruga. It was the usual 6 with the additions being Shanoof and two guys from Information Technology department, Sukumar and Seenivasan. This time the trip was not as  interesting and difficult as the previous one to TPK hills. Our intention was to keep away from the normal path as far as possible but we were forced to stick on to the original path. The reason being almost all reachable parts were polluted and the smell emanating was little more than nauseating. Alagarkovil has turned into a perfect example of a place where man has used his full power to pollute to the greatest extent possible. We still managed to explore the places that have escaped from humans and look a little better. This time i had the camera with me and we managed to take a lot of pictures. The walk to the top of the hill turned out to be a long one as we almost stopped at every small shop in the road and  were taking snaps at almost every location possible. Finally we returned back at around 4 and made the next stop at eco park. Eco park looks good with green grasses everywhere and natural and artificail trees adding some more beauty. Finally returned home after the long trip to catch a long undisturbed sleep. Yet upload the photos. Will upload and post the status.

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