Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thiruvilaiyadal : Comedy galore

Thiruvilaiyadal manages to keep the crowd roaring with laughter from the begining to the end. A great movie that comes with overdoze of humour. Thiruvilaiyadal rightly named potrays the game played by Dhanush with Prakash Raj. The story is the long existing story of a low class youth falling in love with the heroine. As usual it is love at the first sight. Dhanush falls in love with Shriya at the first sight. Shriya's brother Prakash Raj is the villain who tries to get rid of Dhanush from his sister. He fixes a price for Dhanush's love. Dhanush accepts the money, and how he uses the money and how he manages to get shriya form the rest of the story. Though the story is something that u see in most of the tamil movies, the way in which the story is handled in Thiru... is amazing. Dialogues are a major plus point. Dhanush performance masks every other thing. Some songs may capture attention. On the whole Thiru... is one of the great movie iatched after a long time.


vannia perumal said...

according to me.. dialogues in this movie is a biggest plus point.. especially that uyir a kuduthu...." was really gr8..

senthilkumaran said...

yeah the "uyir kuduthu" dialogue became an instant hit. There were many notable dialogues. Though some say dhanush has over acted in the movie his acting is also a reason for the movie's success.