Tuesday, September 26, 2006

xmms -> gxine -> MPlayer

Successfully installed MPlayer in my GNU/Linux box yesterday. When i first started using GNU/Linux i was using XMMS, then moved to gxine as xmms didnot have support for wma files by default. Now it is time for MPlayer. For those who do not know what MPlayer is, MPlayer is a versatile movie player in GNU/Linux and has support for most of the audio/video formats. I was searching for a command line player in GNU/Linux desparately for the sole purpose of making Emacs play songs. First i was trying to use mpg123 and mpg321. Both experienced some problem with liboss which i did not understand. Some said alsa should be configured for mpg321 to run, but i was not able to do that. So switched to MPlayer. MPlayer installation was not at all difficult and it went fine without any probs. Next task would be to configure Emacs to use MPlayer and to play songs in Emacs. I cant prevent myself from wondering what all can Emacs do. Emacs seems to do everything. Will update soon if i configure emacs to play songs.

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