Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fighting for a good cause

A good move by the medical college students in the northern states. It is good to see students voicing out their view against the government, which sticks on to the old customs that no longer exist. For example in TN when an OC candidate with 280 cutoff mark struggles to get a seat in a good Engg. college some get it easily with 270,260 or even 240. What is to be pitied here is that the student with 240 is socially and economically well established and has more oppurtunities than the poor OC guy. This is how quotas are used or to be more apt misused. Today everyone has equal oppurtunity. Reservation policy looks like an attempt to lure poor people and to maintain their support. If at all the government wants to help them they may find a method to provide all with good education so that they could get the seat by themselves rather than relying on the idiotic schemes which are to be rendered obsolete. I think students will understand that it is talent that will help the country's growth and not all these craps. The students will surely succeed as long as politics doesnot play spoilsport.

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