Saturday, December 24, 2005

Harry Potter : Is Snape a Hero

Once i finished reading the six books of Harry Potter, i was eager to know about the latest developments in the Potter arena. I was searching for details about the seventh book and my friend Praveen showed me an article about Harry Potter. I think he found the article in a site called I don't remember the exact link but a little googling will take to the essay. It can be taken as some sort of report and it contains some predictions based on the details given in the six books which may be overlooked in normal reading. I think the title is "Is Snape the unlikely hero of Harry Potter 7".The details given in the article are amazing and are sure to be overlooked by a normal reader. The essay predicts that Snape is still loyal to Dumbledore and may come back to kill the Darklord in the final book. It also predicts that harry may be the final Horcrux and he may be the heir of Godric Gryffindor. These predictions are supported with a number of points from the book. There are a lot more predictions and explanations. It may be interesting for harry's fans who are yet to read the essay.I also came across a series of comments by a number of harry potter fans about the story and about Snape in the archives of There were a number of predictions about the fake Horcrux of the sixth book and about R.A.B. It was interesting to see ideas and predictions of different people.

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